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Teach Yourself geology

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paperback isbn: 0 340 86753 1 price: £8.99 click here to order this title through amazon.co.uk

We all live on the Earth... but how many of us are aware of all the processes that shape - and sometimes shake - its surface? Teach Yourself Geology is a comprehensive introduction to the nature and history of the Earth, ranging from volcanoes to the implications of our limited natural resources. Featuring extensive black and white and colour illustrations, this book covers:

- the origin and evolution of the Earth
- rocks, minerals and fossils
- key geological processes
- earthquakes and volcanoes
- geology on other planets
- how to carry out field work.

David A Rothery, the author, teaches geology and planetary science at the Open University, where he has been Director of Teaching for the Department of Earth Sciences since 1999. He has performed fieldwork in many parts of the globe, including North, Central and South America, Australia, Hawaii and Sicily. He has also helped to characterise the landing site for the Beagle 2 lander which is due to land on Mars at the end of 2003. His current specialisms are active volcanoes and geological processes on other planets.

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