Write Your Life Story And Get It Published: Get your story published

by Ann Gawthorpe

Improve your chances of success with traditional publishers by only submitting to those which publish life stories and take unsolicited manuscripts. Check their website or contact them to find out what they require in a submission and who you should send it to. Few want a full manuscript, so only send a synopsis, one or two chapters and a covering letter.

If your life story is for family and friends or you want a nice book to show for all your hard work try self publishing. There are two options: full or partial. With full self publishing you become the publisher and will have to find all the tradesmen needed to produce a book such as editors, printers and bookbinders. With partial self publishing you use a specialist company who will take over all or most of these tasks. There are plenty to choose from, each offering a slightly different package. Clarify that you will still retain copyright and ask for a sample of their books to check the quality.

The cheapest and easiest option is to print the book yourself on a computer. Make hard covers from photographic paper, strong card or by laminating printing paper and have them spiral bound at an office supply shop.

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