About Us

Launched in 1938, the Teach Yourself series grew rapidly in response to the world’s wartime needs. Loved and trusted by over 60 million readers, the series has continued to respond to our readers’ changing needs, interests and passions and now, over 76 years on, includes over 500 titles, from Arabic and Beekeeping to Yoga and Zulu.  

  • Teach Yourself has been publishing titles since 1938, helping tens of millions reach their goals for over 75 years.
  • Teach Yourself is currently one of the world’s largest publishers of foreign language courses, currently publishing over 65 in total.
  • Teach Yourself titles are immediately recognisable with their iconic yellow and black logo, a design approach inherent with decades of publishing heritage.
  • Teach Yourself is available across all formats, including print, digital, audio and via both iOS and Android apps. However users wish to learn, Teach Yourself has the solution.


A hands-on approach to self-improvement. Teach Yourself Workbooks will help you with your personal development.

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Coach Books

Your personal guide to business success. Master the key skills of management and leadership.

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Complete Languages

Beginner to Intermediate courses for the serious language learner.

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Complete Introductions

The masterclass for the faster pass.

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The only business series based on actual research, rather than opinion and preconception.

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In A Day

Make the most of your trip abroad with just the language you need - in one day!

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Intermediate improver language courses.

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Whether teaching or learning - feel confident with English.

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