Ancient Languages

Ancient Languages find new life with Teach Yourself.

The popularity of ancient and historical languages is growing among language enthusiasts as well as throughout academia. Teach Yourself is working with specialists in this field to grow and expand our successful range of ancient languages over the next few years.

People study ancient languages out of personal interest as well as for professional and academic pursuits. Understanding of the ancient world and languages is useful for careers in linguistics, law, community work, the diplomatic service, education, museum and archival work, the media, and executive roles in the private or public sector.

Knowledge of ancient languages is often required for:
Near Eastern History (and Languages)
Biblical, Theological or Semitic Studies
Germanic Languages (or Philology)
South Asian Studies (Sanskrit)
Interdisciplinary backgrounds: literature, history, medieval studies, archaeology, religious studies.

Complete New Testament Greek

‘I have learned lots from this book myself – it is extremely detailed and Professor Betts is clearly knowledgeable about this particular form of Greek.’

– Dr Cressida Ryan, University of Oxford

  • Covers both the language and the history of the New Testament
  • Uses authentic, familiar examples in grammar and reading exercises

Format: Paperback book, ISBN: 9781473627895

Complete Middle Egyptian

‘For those who like learning new languages using learning by discovery rather than old-fashioned study of paradigms and memorization, this book might be just the place for you to learn Middle Egyptian, the basic language underlying Egyptian hieroglyphs.’

–¬†Janet H. Johnson, Morton D. Hull Distinguished Service Professor of Egyptology, Oriental Institute, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago

  • Learn about the culture, society and politics in ancient Egypt.
  • Language taught through key artefacts and texts.

Format: Paperback, ISBN: 9781473609792

Complete Ancient Greek

‘Does a wonderful job of highlighting all the major features of Classical Greek and leads students rapidly to the point where they can read tragedy, comedy, lyric and prose without any watering down of the originals. It is a sophisticated, attractive, and well-planned volume.’

– Richard P. Martin, Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor in Classics, Stanford University

  • Introduces the structure, grammar and literature of Ancient Greek
  • Includes 50 pages of vocabulary (English-Greek, Greek-English)

Format: Paperback book, ISBN: 9781444107708

Complete Sanskrit


  • Contains unique original material on Sanskrit syntax and¬†usage.
  • Reference material balanced with exercises to help you learn.
  • Understand Indian classics in the original text

Format: Paperback, ISBN: 9781444106107

Complete Old English


  • Grammar clearly explained in modern English
  • Understand the relevance of Old English to modern English life
  • Teaches Old English through authentic texts
  • Exercises to reinforce understanding
  • Audio CD brings Old English to life

Format: Book & CD Pack, ISBN: 9781444104196

Complete Biblical Hebrew


  • Biblical Hebrew taught through authentic texts
  • Grammar clearly explained in modern English
  • Exercises to reinforce understanding

Format: Paperback book, ISBN: 9781444106114

Complete Babylonian


  • Modern learner’s grammar of Babylonian, in English
  • Embraces varieties of Babylonian other than just Old Babylonian
  • Babylonian presented in transliteration, for easier understanding
  • All sentences for translation are taken from original Babylonian works
  • Includes coverage of cuneiform script

Format: Paperback book, ISBN: 9780340983881

Get Started in Latin

The ideal course to learn Latin if you’re a beginner, this new edition includes:

  • An introduction to classical Latin authors – ancient writers like Cicero, Tacitus and Virgil
  • A medieval story : a Latin ‘whodunnit’ – practising each new point of language
  • Grammatical explanations and vocabulary support in each unit
  • Lots of exercises – to practise each new point of language
  • Discover how Latin evolved through the centuries – and its immense impact on English
  • Listen to the story and the classical authors on audio – to experience the sound of Latin

Complete Latin


  • Contains key Latin texts on audio to give depth and relevance
  • Covers grammar, vocabulary and practice
  • Uses graded readings drawn from Martial, Virgil, Cicero and others
  • Audio features expert classicist G. D. A. Sharpley reading key texts

Format: Book & CD Pack, ISBN: 9781444195835

Available Now & Coming Soon

Available Now

  • Ancient Greek
  • Babylonian
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Latin
  • Middle Egyptian
  • New Testament Greek
  • Old English (Anglo Saxon)
  • Sanskrit
Coming Soon

  • Old Norse (February 2020)
  • Aramaic (October 2019)
  • Gothic (July 2021)
  • Classical Arabic (January 2020)
New Edition Publication Dates

  • Babylonian (October 2018)
  • Biblical Hebrew (June 2020)
  • Old English (Anglo Saxon) (April 2019)
  • Sanskrit (October 2020)


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