All That Matters

All That Matters goes to the heart of the most talked about topics of our time.

From Buddhism to Biomechanics, Free Speech to the Classical World and everything in between, the All That Matters series covers the most controversial and captivating topics from philosophy, history, religion, science and the wider world. Over 40 beautifully packaged pages you will quickly discover all that matters about the things that really matter.

Darwin: All That Matters

Charles Darwin’s name is among the most recognised in the world, and more than 100 years after his death his books are still best-sellers; there are more than ten modern edition of the most famous, On the Origin of Species, currently available. His theories of descent with modification an of sexual selection are among the most influential ever formulated, but those theories, which imply the interconnectedness not just of humans and animals but of every living thing, are often imperfectly understood, or even wilfully misrepresented, and Darwin himself is reduced to a two-dimensional character, a cipher deployed in the guerrilla warfare between fundamentalist religion and hard line atheism. Darwin: All That Matters puts his life, personality, and the full breadth and significance of his work in context with greater emphasis on his post-Origin work.

Free Speech: All That Matters

What is free speech? Why does it matter? These are pressing questions. In this book, Alan Haworth outlines and analyzes the main arguments philosophers have advanced over the centuries, in an attempt to answer them clearly. He emphasizes the strengths but also the weaknesses of those arguments, demonstrating that an understanding of both is essential if one is to grasp the true nature and value of free speech.

The contemporary debate over free speech tends to be clouded by rhetoric. Against that, Haworth stands back and takes a cool look at the issues. This book comes down on the side of clarity. It is an essential primer on an important topic.

Love: All That Matters

Love: All That Matters argues that the modern view on love has been distorted by a fixation on romantic love that has depleted our resources for living through the darker sides of love, whereas in fact there are several ways in which humans give and experience love over the course of their lives and it is best to have access to them all.

Vernon draws on science, psychology, philosophy and literature, to examine eight different kinds of love, each associated with a phase of human development. From infant narcissism and the emergence of eros, through puberty and the rush of romantic love, to the end of life and the love of God, this is a beguiling tour of the most mysterious force of all.

This accessible and readable book will appeal to both students and general readers, giving a fascinating introduction to the psychology and philosophy of love – and what matters most about it.

ISBNTitlePublication DateFormat
9781444186208Ancient Egypt: All That Matters03/12/15Book
9781444178845Animal Rights: All That Matters31/05/13Book
9781471801594Archaeology: All That Matters28/11/14Book
9781471801624Astronomy: All That Matters29/08/14Book
9781473601406Atheism: All That Matters28/11/14Book
9781444192971Autism Spectrum Disorder: All That Matters27/12/13Book
9781444155808Bioethics: All That Matters29/06/12Book
9781444163285Buddhism: All That Matters27/12/13Book
9781444177961Classical World: All That Matters30/07/15Book
9781444189988Cyber Crime & Warfare: All That Matters26/07/13Book
9781473602847Darwin: All That Matters10/09/15Book
9781444178876Democracy: All That Matters25/10/13Book
9781471801617Emotion: All That Matters29/08/14Book
9781473601888Energy: All That Matters28/11/14Book
9781444157475Euthanasia: All That Matters26/07/13Book
9781473601437Existentialism: All That Matters18/06/15Book
9781473602816Free Speech: All That Matters27/08/15Book
9781444196108Future Cities: All That Matters27/06/14Book
9781444190045Future: All That Matters25/10/13Book
9781444156690God: All That Matters29/06/12Book
9781444181869History of Medicine: All That Matters29/11/13Book
9781444791877Intelligence: All That Matters18/06/15Book
9781444190014International Relations: All That Matters25/07/14Book
9781444156720Judaism: All That Matters31/08/12Book
9781444156751Love: All That Matters25/01/13Book
9781473601734Mathematics: All That Matters26/02/15Book
9781444187045Modern China: All That Matters30/08/13Book
9781473601222Modern Japan: All That Matters28/11/14Book
9781473601253Modern Korea: All That Matters29/08/14Book
9781444154627Muhammad: All That Matters25/05/12Book
9781444155839Philosophy: All That Matters25/05/12Book
9781444193008Plato: All That Matters27/12/13Book
9781444174373Political Philosophy: All That Matters30/08/13Book
9781473602472Risk: All That Matters26/02/15Book
9781444798609Sexuality: All That Matters28/11/14Book
9781444189957Shakespeare's Comedies: All That Matters29/08/14Book
9781444189926Shakespeare's Tragedies: All That Matters18/06/15Book
9781444183832Space Exploration: All That Matters26/07/13Book
9781471801600Stress: All That Matters28/11/14Book
9781444174403Sustainability: All That Matters26/10/12Book
9781444163315Terrorism: All That Matters27/06/14Book
9781444192940The Renaissance: All That Matters29/08/14Book
9781444183863The Romans: All That Matters30/08/13Book
9781444156812Water: All That Matters30/11/12Book


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