Teach Yourself

Launched over 75 years ago and with hundreds of titles covering subjects as diverse as beekeeping and modern history, yoga during pregnancy and basic DIY, Teach Yourself books offer accessible, practical guides for self-study, whatever your interest.

Get Started In Beekeeping

Written by two of the UK’s most well-known and respected experts in the beekeeping community, this is a new and updated edition of a popular reference title which contains everything the beginner, or even intermediate, beekeeper could need.

Suitable both for those just considering the prospect and those who are already fascinated beekeepers, this guide to setting up, maintaining and maximizing bees in the back garden is an indispensable and readable bible of information and practical advice. It covers everything from bee behaviour to what to do with honey, and balances all the background context on bee biology with the day-to-day and seasonal practicalities of running hives in any location, in the country or the city, and for colonies of all sizes.

Resources include a ‘bee calendar’, troubleshooting section, illustrations, a glossary and details of courses and organizations, in an essential guide for anyone who is fascinated by the ancient ways of the apiarist.

Understand Music Theory

Understand Music Theory offers a practical approach which uses active learning to impart knowledge. Suitable for complete beginners, and assuming no previous knowledge, each chapter includes examples, illustrations, clear explanations, tips and self-tests before moving on.

It covers all the essential topics in music theory, from rhythm and pitch to intervals, major and minor scales and compound time signatures. It also goes beyond these basic concepts to more advanced theory such as harmony, tone colour and musical form, to provide a genuinely comprehensive introduction to music theory.

The theoretical information is all backed up by plenty of practical exercises, and the book includes a CD with further practice activities, to consolidate your knowledge.

Make the Most of Your Caravan

Do you want to get maximum value and enjoyment out of your caravan?

The open road, the freedom to leave on a whim, the comfort and convenience of a mobile home from home…A caravan makes a fantastic investment if you’re looking for flexible, economical holidays. Make the Most of Your Caravan will show you how to get maximum value and enjoyment out of yours.
Offering practical advice on all aspects of caravanning, from the initial purchase to basic maintenance, towing and driving to camping and holidaying abroad, this is a uniquely comprehensive manual for every caravan owner, setting you up for some great trips.

ISBNTitlePublication dateFormat
9781444190922Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology: Teach Yourself27/06/14Book
9781444105964Aitchison's Linguistics: Teach Yourself30/07/10Book
9781444103038Andrea Grace's Gentle Sleep Solutions: Teach Yourself01/01/11Book
9781444103021Baby Massage and Yoga: Teach Yourself13/07/17Book
9781473609136Basic Accounting: Teach Yourself27/08/15Book
9781444103267Be a Better Leader: Teach Yourself30/07/10Book
9781444110562Be a Happier Parent with NLP: Teach Yourself28/01/11Book
9781444107319Be A Master At Go: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444102208Be More Assertive: Teach Yourself24/09/10Book
9781444117172Be Your Own CBT Therapist: Teach Yourself29/04/11Book
9781444100921Be Your Own Life Coach: Teach Yourself29/01/10Book
9781444101027Beat Back Pain With Alexander Technique: Teach Yourself29/01/10Book
9781473654303Beat Low Self Esteem With CBT: Teach Yourself07/09/17Book
9781444198003Beat Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 7 Simple Steps: Teach Yourself28/02/14
New edition coming March 2018
9781444176773Body Language Secrets: Teach Yourself28/12/12Book
9780340991329British Sign Language Book/DVD Pack: Teach Yourself02/06/16Book
9781444103496Buddhism An Introduction: Teach Yourself28/05/10Book
9781473611801Build Your Brain Power18/06/15Book
9781444168716Build Your Resilience: Teach Yourself25/05/12Book
9781473611870Coach Your Own Life10/09/15Book
9781444170290Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Teach Yourself26/10/12Book
9781444171259Cope with Change at Work: Teach Yourself31/08/12Book
9781444105940Correct English: Teach Yourself30/07/10Book
9781444102734Craig Revel Horwood s Ballroom Dancing: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444157598Eastern Philosophy: Teach Yourself27/04/12Book
9781444102970Essential NLP: Teach Yourself03/11/16Book
9781473608795Film Studies: An Introduction: Teach Yourself30/07/15Book
9781444104929Finance for Non Financial Managers: Teach Yourself24/09/10Book
9781444101119Find Peace With Tai Chi: Teach Yourself29/01/10Book
9781444102239Foucault The Key Ideas: Teach Yourself25/06/10Book
9781444103281Freud The Key Ideas: Teach YourselfNew edition coming 2017Book
9781444103120Geology The Key Ideas: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781473611832Get Started in Beekeeping: Teach Yourself23/04/15Book
9781473600959Get Started In Classical Music: Teach Yourself27/06/14Book
9781444105148Get Started in Film Making: Teach Yourself27/08/10
New edition coming August 2018
9781444196085Get Started in Jazz: Teach Yourself27/06/14Book
9781444101164Get Started In Pig Keeping: Teach Yourself26/03/10Book
9781473601048Get Started in Playing Piano: Teach Yourself27/06/14Book
9781444100662Get Started in Sage 50: Teach Yourself30/04/10Book
9781444102963Get Started In Shorthand Pitman 2000: Teach Yourself30/04/10Book
9781473607187Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy26/03/15Book
9781473611733Get Started in Urban Beekeeping05/05/16Book
9781444102789Get Started with Flower Arranging: Teach Yourself (New Edition)31/08/12Book
9781444163469Greek Myths: Teach Yourself25/05/12Book
9781444177183Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique: Teach Yourself31/05/13Book
9781444105094Hinduism An Introduction: Teach Yourself25/06/10Book
9781444171341How NOT to Get Published: Teach Yourself27/09/13Book
9781473612112How To Be Happier: Teach Yourself10/09/15Book
9781444190106How to Forgive and Move On: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781444145748How to Remember Anything: Teach Yourself25/11/11Book
9781444190168How to Stop Smoking - 30 Solutions to Suit You: Teach Yourself26/04/13Book
9781444196009How to Survive Outdoors: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781444137248How You Can Talk to Anyone: Teach Yourself29/07/11Book
9781444137262Hypnosis, For a Better Life: Teach Yourself30/09/11Book
9781444196030Improve Your Emotional Intelligence - Communicate Better, Achieve More, Be Happier: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781444103793Improve Your Handwriting: Teach Yourself26/02/15Book
9781473613515Improve Your Memory: Sharpen Focus and Improve Performance11/02/16Book
9781444138870Interview Success Get the Edge: Teach Yourself28/10/11Book
9781444103472Islam An Introduction: Teach Yourself28/05/10Book
9781444103489Judaism An Introduction: Teach Yourself28/05/10Book
9781444103298Jung The Key Ideas: Teach YourselfNew edition coming 2017Book
9781444187076Live a Life of No Regrets - The proven action plan for finding fulfilment: Teach Yourself20/12/13Book
9781444107432Make a Great Speech: Teach Yourself29/10/10Book
9781473600003Make the Most of Your Caravan: Teach Yourself25/04/14Book
9781444102215Manage Anxiety Through CBT: Teach Yourself24/06/11Book
9781444176780Manage Your Anger: Teach Yourself28/12/12Book
9781444107418Manage Your Stress for a Happier Life: Teach Yourself26/11/10Book
9781473612082Master Basic DIY: Teach Yourself21/05/15Book
9781473611627Master Basic Plumbing And Central Heating: Teach Yourself21/05/15Book
9781444191035Mathematics - A Basic Introduction: Teach Yourself31/05/13Book
9781444139693Mindfulness Made Easy: Teach Yourself28/10/11Book
9781444183894Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals: Teach Yourself (New Edition)27/09/13Book
9781444157536Nazi Germany: Teach Yourself24/02/12Book
9781444105018Nietzsche The Key Ideas: Teach Yourself25/06/10Book
9781444121919Number Training Your Brain: Teach Yourself27/05/11Book
9781444171136Overcome Depression: Teach Yourself29/03/13Book
9781444190915Overcome Phobias and Panic Attacks: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781444103137Patrick Moore s Astronomy: Teach Yourself26/02/10Book
9781444181715Peacefulness: Teach Yourself - The secret of how to use solitude to counter stress and breed success26/04/13Book
9781444157628Philosophy of Mind: Teach Yourself31/08/12Book
9781473657885Philosophy for Life05/10/17Book
9781444102918Pick A Winning Horse: Teach Yourself26/02/10Book
9781444197853Play and Win Mah-jong: Teach Yourself29/11/13Book
9781444197884Play and Win Texas Hold 'Em: Teach Yourself29/11/13Book
9781444167061Political Philosophy The Essentials: Teach Yourself30/11/12Book
9781444107340Raise a Happy Teenager: Teach Yourself26/11/10Book
9781444103830Raise Happy Children: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444107425Relaxation Techniques: Teach Yourself30/07/10Book
9781444163407Roman Civilization: Teach Yourself25/05/12Book
9781444191233Run a Successful Charity: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781444100259Run Your Own Business: Teach Yourself29/01/10Book
9781444105100Sikhism An Introduction: Teach Yourself25/06/10Book
9781444157567Stalin s Russia: Teach Yourself24/02/12Book
9781444187106Stoicism and the Art of Happiness: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781444100631Successful Consulting: Teach Yourself30/04/10Book
9781444105247The Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444101003Train Your Brain: Teach Yourself29/01/10Book
9781444137996Understand Child Development: Teach Yourself25/05/12Book
9781444100884Understand Counselling: Teach Yourself29/01/10Book
9781444102819Understand Electronics: Teach Yourself26/03/10Book
9781444103519Understand Ethics: Teach Yourself28/05/10Book
9781444110623Understand Existentialism: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444105162Understand Film Studies: Teach Yourself24/09/10Book
9781444105230Understand Irish History: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781473614871Understand Music Theory: Teach Yourself27/08/15Book
9781444105001Understand Philosophy Of Religion: Teach Yourself28/05/10Book
9781444103090Understand Physics: Teach Yourself26/02/10Book
9781444100907Understand Psychology: Teach Yourself10/08/17Book
9781444105254Understand The Cold War: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444105216Understand the Middle East (since 1945): Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444103106Understand The Weather: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444190229Use Philosophy to be Happier - 30 Steps to Perfect the Art of Living: Teach Yourself26/04/13Book
9781444103113Volcanoes, Earthquakes And Tsunamis: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444103076Win At Chess: Teach Yourself27/08/10Book
9781444103748Wine Tasting: Teach Yourself24/09/10Book
9781444105087Write Great Essays and Dissertations: Teach Yourself30/07/10Book
9781444100976Yoga For Pregnancy And Birth: Teach Yourself27/07/17Book


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