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A hands-on approach to self-improvement.

Your personal guide to business success.

Coach Books

Most business books just help you talk the talk. Coach books support your professional development every step of the way with an engaging and interactive coaching methodology including self-tests, tips and coaching sessions. Like having your own personal business coach, these books will help you master the key skills of management and leadership. They are supported by a wealth of online resources and downloadable templates.

The Startup Coach

By the end of this book, you will have started your own business. This handy guide will help you to:

– Evaluate yourself and your ideas
– Assemble your research and your team
– Raise the finances you need
– Manage and market your business
– Make a profit and stay sane!


Written by a team of qualified experts the Teach Yourself Workbooks are packed with practical, active learning – including diagnostic tools, exercises and goal-setting charts – to help your personal development in areas like Emotional Intelligence, Beating Stress, Happiness and Mindfulness.

The Life Coach Workbook

– Are you at a crossroads in life?
– Do you want to make a career change or other transformation?
– Would you like lasting strategies to help you set achievable goals and targets?

This workbook uses a holistic and whole-life approach to life coaching along with self-assessment and interactive tasks to help you set and achieve new goals. It doesn’t just tell you how to change your life; by using diagnostic tests, practical exercises, and thought challenges, it will show you how to identify the areas of your life which are making you feel less than satisfied, and achievable plans for change. The contents help you identify your own life-coaching needs, allowing you to pick a path through the book that works for you, while giving you practical support for managing change and long-term planning for a happier future.

ISBNTitlePublication dateFormat
9781444183115Assertiveness Workbook: Teach Yourself25/01/13Book
9781444183146CBT Workbook: Teach Yourself25/01/13Book
9781444174434NLP Workbook: Teach Yourself28/09/12Book
9781444181920Personality Workbook: Teach Yourself25/01/13Book
9781444181890Self-Esteem Workbook: Teach Yourself25/01/13Book
9781444196061The Beating Anxiety Workbook: Teach Yourself27/12/13Book
9781473601345The Beating OCD Workbook: Teach Yourself28/11/14Book
9781473600300The Beating Shyness Workbook: Teach Yourself29/08/14Book
9781444171112The Confidence Workbook: Teach Yourself28/09/12Book
9781444185768The Creative Writing Workbook30/08/13Book
9781444176742The Emotional Intelligence Workbook: Teach Yourself28/09/12Book
9781444171129The Happiness Workbook: Teach Yourself28/09/12Book
9781473600393The Life Coach Workbook28/11/14Book
9781444186987The Memory Workbook: Teach Yourself30/08/13Book
9781444186178The Mindfulness Workbook30/08/13Book
9781444187014The Self-Motivation Workbook: Teach Yourself30/08/13Book
9781471801792The Stress Management Workbook: A guide to developing resilience (Teach Yourself)29/08/14Book
9781471801587The Bookkeeping and Accounting Coach: Teach Yourself25/04/14Book
9781471801556The Business Plan Coach: Teach Yourself28/02/14Book
9781473608849The Business Writing Coach: Teach Yourself26/02/15Book
9781471801532The CV Coach: Teach Yourself28/02/14Book
9781471801549The Interview Coach: Teach Yourself28/02/14Book
9781471801525The Project Management Coach: Your Interactive Guide to Managing Projects28/02/14Book
9781473601147The Leadership Coach: Teach Yourself25/04/14Book
9781471801563The Management Coach: Teach Yourself25/04/14Book
9781471801570The Marketing Planning Coach: Teach Yourself25/04/14Book
9781473601284The Presenting Coach: Teach Yourself25/04/14Book
9781444796155The Sales Coach: Teach Yourself26/02/15Book
9781444796179The Startup Coach: Teach Yourself26/02/15Book
9781473611016The Finance Coach: Teach Yourself27/08/15Book
9781473605350The Negotiation Coach: Teach Yourself27/08/15Book


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A hands-on approach to self-improvement. Teach Yourself Workbooks will help you with your personal development.

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Coach Books

Your personal guide to business success. Master the key skills of management and leadership.

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