Travellers’: Six-Week Courses

Elisabeth Smith has sold over 1 million language courses worldwide.

Learn all the language you need for travelling, shopping, ordering food, staying in a hotel and more. This is your essential guide to getting out and really speaking.

In just 35 minutes a day for six weeks you’ll be ready to make the most of your holiday.

– Listen, read and learn wherever you are with this book and MP3 audio course
– Learn 450 useful words and expressions for your travels
– Use the handy flashcards for extra practice and revision
– No complicated grammar – just the essentials for speaking

Elisabeth Smith

Elisabeth Smith was born and educated in Germany. She studied English at Hamburg University with a teaching career in mind, and well before EU days was offered her first assignment at a London prep school.
While on contract in Africa she became sidetracked by commerce. She spent the next ten years learning about printing and publishing in Zambia before joining a publishing house in Johannesburg where she ultimately became the company’s chief executive.
In spite of climbing the corporate ladder she never lost her interest and skills in teaching languages.
During the last 30 years she has taught French to English children, English to Zambian students, German at evening classes and Italian to her daughter ‘just for fun’.

ISBNTitlePublication dateFormat
9781444193046Elisabeth Smith Traveller's: French31/05/13Mixed Media Product
9781444193060Elisabeth Smith Traveller's: German31/05/13Mixed Media Product
9781444193053Elisabeth Smith Traveller's: Italian31/05/13Mixed Media Product
9781444193077Elisabeth Smith Traveller's: Spanish31/05/13Mixed Media Product


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